BSR will provide Chelwood Community Energy Limited with O&M services

British Solar Renewables (BSR) will provide O&M services for a number of community energy sites, including the Chelwood Solar Array. BSR will be responsible for monitoring the performance of our site, identifying and repairing faults, for security and land management. 

Chelwood Community Energy Ltd (the Company) employs Mongoose Energy to provide asset management facilities that include a range of commercial services as well as providing advice to the directors on matters technical, legal and financial. The Company is a part owner of Mongoose through its membership of Mongoose Community Energy Members (MCEM), a group of energy generating BenComs (social benefit companies).

Mongoose Energy has negotiated an advantageous agreement with British Solar Renewables Ltd (BSR) to provide O&M services for us and other BenComs within the Mongoose Energy Group.

Thanks to our new partnership with BSR, we are planning to provide ‘nearly’ real time data as well as historical information on the energy being generated by the site at Chelwood.